usage: build [-o output] [-i] [build flags] [packages]

Build 会编译哪些通过import导入的包和那些包依赖的包,但是不会install 编译的结果。如果build的参数是一系列以.go结尾的文件,则build会将它们每一个看做是一个单独的包。当编译一个单独的main包时,build会将结果写入一个可执行的文件,文件名称默认是main方法所在的文件名。当编译多个包或一个非main包时,build会编译这些包,但是会丢掉结果对象。该操作仅用来检查这些包是否可以被编译。

-o 选项仅在编译单独的一个包时可用。该选项告诉build将编译的结果强制写入-o选项指定名称的文件中或可执行文件中。
-i 选项告诉build安装哪些依赖的包。
build子命令的选项可以被这些命令共享:build, clean, get, install, list, run,和 test commands。

  • a 强制重新编译需要编译的包。
  • n 打印build命令的执行过程使用的命令但是不执行它们
  • -p n 指定能并行执行的build个数。默认和可用的CPU个数相同。 在darwin/arm平台上,默认值为1。

  • race 启用数据种类监测。只在linux/amd64,freebsd/amd64, darwin/amd64windows/amd64这些平台上可用。

  • v 输出被编译的包的名称。

  • work 输出临时工作文件夹的名称并且在build结束后不删除该目录。

  • x 打印执行的命令

  • asmflags ‘flag list’ arguments to pass on each go tool asm invocation.

  • buildmode mode 指定使用的编译模式。参考go help buildmode获取更多信息

  • compiler name 指定要使用的编译器(gccgo or gc)。

  • gccgoflags ‘arg list’ 指定传递给gccgo compiler/linker 的调用参数.

  • gcflags ‘arg list’ 指定传递给每个go工具的编译参数

  • installsuffix suffix 指定安装包文件夹名称的后缀,以此来将编译结果输出到不同的文件夹。如果使用了-race选项, 则安装目录后缀就是_race。如果同时使用了-race 和 -installsuffix 两个选项,则同时使用这个的组合。 a similar

  • ldflags ‘flag list’ 指定传递给每个go链接工具的参数

  • linkshared link against shared libraries previously created with -buildmode=shared

  • pkgdir dir 指定安装和加载包的目录,用次目录来代替默认的pkg目录

  • tags ‘tag list’ 提供给build命令的编译参数


go tool compile -h
usage: 6g [options] file.go...
  -%    debug non-static initializers
  -+    compiling runtime
  -A    for bootstrapping, allow 'any' type
  -B    disable bounds checking
  -D path
        set relative path for local imports
  -E    debug symbol export
  -I directory
        add directory to import search path
  -K    debug missing line numbers
  -L    use full (long) path in error messages
  -M    debug move generation
  -N    禁用优化
  -P    debug peephole optimizer
  -R    debug register optimizer
  -S    print assembly listing
  -V    print compiler version
  -W    debug parse tree after type checking
  -asmhdr file
        write assembly header to file
  -buildid id
        record id as the build id in the export metadata
        compiling complete package (no C or assembly)
  -cpuprofile file
        write cpu profile to file
  -d list
        print debug information about items in list
        support references to Go symbols defined in other shared libraries
  -e    no limit on number of errors reported
  -f    debug stack frames
  -g    debug code generation
  -h    halt on error
  -i    debug line number stack
  -importmap definition
        add definition of the form source=actual to import map
  -installsuffix suffix
        set pkg directory suffix
  -j    debug runtime-initialized variables
  -l    禁用内联
        generate code that assumes a large memory model
        debug liveness analysis
  -m    print optimization decisions
  -memprofile file
        write memory profile to file
  -memprofilerate rate
        set runtime.MemProfileRate to rate
        reject local (relative) imports
  -o file
        write output to file
  -p path
        set expected package import path
        write package file instead of object file
  -r    debug generated wrappers
        enable race detector
  -s    warn about composite literals that can be simplified
        generate code that can be linked into a shared library
  -trimpath prefix
        remove prefix from recorded source file paths
  -u    reject unsafe code
  -v    increase debug verbosity
  -w    debug type checking
        enable write barrier (default 1)
  -x    debug lexer
  -y    debug declarations in canned imports (with -d)

ldflags 参数列表

go tool link -h
usage: link [options] main.o
  -B note
        add an ELF NT_GNU_BUILD_ID note when using ELF
  -C    check Go calls to C code
  -D address
        set data segment address (default -1)
  -E entry
        set entry symbol name
  -H type
        set header type
  -I linker
        use linker as ELF dynamic linker
  -L directory
        add specified directory to library path
  -R quantum
        set address rounding quantum (default -1)
  -T address
        set text segment address (default -1)
  -V    print version and exit
  -W    disassemble input
  -X definition
        add string value definition of the form importpath.name=value
  -a    disassemble output
  -buildid id
        record id as Go toolchain build id
  -buildmode mode
        set build mode
  -c    dump call graph
  -cpuprofile file
        write cpu profile to file
  -d    disable dynamic executable
  -extld linker
        use linker when linking in external mode
  -extldflags flags
        pass flags to external linker
  -f    ignore version mismatch
  -g    disable go package data checks
  -h    halt on error
  -installsuffix suffix
        set package directory suffix
  -k symbol
        set field tracking symbol
  -linkmode mode
        set link mode (internal, external, auto)
        link against installed Go shared libraries
  -memprofile file
        write memory profile to file
  -memprofilerate rate
        set runtime.MemProfileRate to rate
  -n    dump symbol table
  -o file
        write output to file
  -r path
        set the ELF dynamic linker search path to dir1:dir2:...
        enable race detector
  -s    disable symbol table
        generate shared object (implies -linkmode external)
  -tmpdir directory
        use directory for temporary files
  -u    reject unsafe packages
  -v    print link trace
  -w    disable DWARF generation    
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